Food Microbiology

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Food Microbiology

In today‚Äôs advanced technical world, microbes are generally beneficial and used in the preparation of fermented food items like cheese, yogurt, bread etc. But, despite of the increasing number of beneficial microbes for the food industry, food contamination and food safety are also major concerns. However, products derived from microorganisms can be used to combat the pathogenic microorganisms that cause the damage. Thus, this track of the Microbiology Conference shall focus on a wide range of current research on microbes that have both beneficial and deleterious effects on the safety and quality of foods.

1.      Fermentation

2.      Food safety/ food spoilage

3.      Food preservation

4.      Microbial growth and intrinsic factors

5.      Microbiological Analyses in the monitoring of quality management

  • Humus formation
  • N-fixation
  • soil stability
  • Nutrient availability
  • Soil fertility

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