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Soil science is a radiant culture media for the extension and advancement of grouped microorganisms. Soil is relate idle static material however a medium beating with life. Soil at present is accepted to be a dynamic or living framework containing numerous particular groups of microorganisms and among them like parasites, actiomycetes, protozoa and infections square measure the principal fundamental. Micro-organisms make a truly little portion of the dirt mass and involve a volume of yet one-hundredth. Inside the higher layer of soil the microbial population is high to a great degree that reduces with profundity of soil. Each creature or a gaggle of life forms square measure responsible for a chose correction or change inside the dirt. The respective session of this Microbiology Conference will focus on Maintenance of biological equilibrium, minimization of pollutants in agricultural soil by microbes, bio fertilizers and bio pesticides and related such areas which will bring forward the importance of soil microbiology

    1. Management of organisms and their processes in soils

    2. Plant growth promoting substances

    3. Minimization of pollutants in agricultural soil by microbes

    4. Bio-engineering soil sustainability

    5. Maintenance of biological equilibrium

    6. Bio fertilizers and bio pesticides

          7. Forest microbiology

  • Streptomycin
  • Soil structure
  • Transformation (genetics)
  • Soil Microbial Community
  • Dactinomycin
  • Exudate

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