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Maria Grazia Bonomo
Maria Grazia Bonomo
Professor Life sciences University of Basilicata

Dr. Maria Grazia Bonomo is a biologist and holds a class honours degree in Biological Sciences with a thesis in general physiology; and has a doctorate in Biology and Biotechnologies from University of Basilicata. She is a professor of teaching ‘Physiology and Genetics of Microorganisms’ for the Degree Course in Biotechnologies; she is a reviewer for many international scientific journals and she is a co-tutor of numerous degree theses. At present, she has a post-doc fellowship at University of Basilicata and performs supplementary teaching activities for the course of General and Applied Microbiology. She is author/co-author of many international papers and communications related to different microbiological research topics.

Research Interest

- Characterization and identification of lactic acid bacteria from foods; - Study of stress response in lactic acid bacteria; - Study of differential expression of genome and transcriptome in lactic acid bacteria under stress conditions; - Evaluation of genetic, structural and functional variations of microbial cell in stress response; - Study of the soil biodiversity.

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